The Unfortunate Demise of the “Society of Learners” and It’s Threat to The Jewish Community

For more than 70 years, we have been witnesses to the modern miracle that is the State of Israel. The aim of its founders was to build a state that would serve as both a refuge and a homeland for the Jewish people. In this effort, they achieved unimaginable success. Today Israel is a leader amongst the nations in realms of technology, military, entrepreneurship and economy. It is a diverse and vibrant democracy with the potential to reach greater heights of achievement and success. With all these factors taken into consideration, Israel, while powerful and thriving, is today under unprecedented threat. This danger, unlike external security threats which garner the majority of mainstream media attention, is a purely internal one. If not addressed immediately, Jewish Statehood as envisioned by its founders and the global Jewish community at large will be at great risk. The problem we have in mind is the lack of Haredi participation in the Israeli economy, and the deterioration of the “Society of Learners”. In 1949, David Ben Gurion, reached an arrangement with the then small Haredi...

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