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Help members of the Haredi community find meaningful, dignified employment in a 21st century workforce.
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Our Mission

We believe the greatest challenge facing Israel today is the lack of Haredi participation in the workforce. By solving the longstanding problem of Haredi under-employment, we can unleash tremendous economic potential in Israel, and reinforce its socio-economic foundations.

How We Help

Everything we do is meant to drive meaningful employment, while reducing dropout and low enrollment. The Kiyum Initiative was established out of a belief that the best way to promote Haredi entry into the workforce is through these pillars.

Employment Development

We work with employers to provide employment opportunities to Kiyum members.

Tailored Education

Kiyum offers the first of its kind Mechina Program (pre-academic/pre-vocational studies) to Haredi students based in Jerusalem. Our program is tailored to the needs of this community.


  • Lack of General Education
  • Low enrollmentin mechina programs due to inability to support the household during studies
  • High dropout rates from Mechina programs due to financial pressures
  • Lack of personal guidance and academic support leading to low levels of academic achievement and high dropout rates


  • Pre-vocational, pre-academic studies (Mechina)
  • Living Stipends
  • Personalized counseling and academic tutoring


  • Academic institutions including but not limited to Machon Lev and Hadassah Campus Strauss

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By The Numbers

Data and statistics that help guide our program. 

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Employment Rate Compared to National Average of 82%
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Haredi population is expected to double by 2047
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Percentage of Annual Growth in Haredi Community

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